Dale Daniel Leys
Born December 10, 1952, Sheboygan Wisconsin.

In all my work in drawing, I am interested in the interrelation of events as a means of describing time.

I am attracted to the use of simple visual structures through which I can form a sense of environment.

My drawings are particularly influenced by the fields of science, philosophy and psychology, as well as travel experiences and my immediate surroundings. Growing up near the Wisconsin coast of Lake Michigan I had many occasions to observe and collect the varying natural specimens that would wash up on shore.

For the past 30 years I have been living and teaching drawing at Murray State University in the river country of western Kentucky and Tennessee, in close proximity to the Land Between the Lakes shoreline where I observe and collect those offerings.

When I draw I come closer to understanding not only the subject matter and space presented, but also what that object/space experience represents metaphorically and psychologically.  In my drawings I am interested in experiencing the object and the space as one in the same.